Author Visit Presentation Details

Author Visits for Elementary, Middle, and High School


Some of the topics discussed during the following presentations:

Writing Workshop for Kids

  • Inspiration/ideas. What do I write about? Where do I start?
  • Getting the first draft on paper
  • Editing is for the mechanics–the basics–of writing, such as spelling and grammar
  • Revising is where you really get to be creative: Verbs, adjectives, figurative language, word choice (details)
  • Writing games to engage students


Early CA History, the Juan Bautista de Anza 1775 colonization expedition

  • My inspiration for writing this story
  • From Mexico to CA, the first Spanish settlers
  • Compare to east-to-west U.S. settlers who came approximately 70 years later
  • Anza’s first exploratory expedition, Spanish king’s proclamation, read The Power of a Dream
  • Discuss food, clothing, Indian interaction
  • Discuss immigration, different culture’s contributions, and (possible pre-visit activity) students’ genealogy and family’s coming to America


Road to Publication: The Publishing Process

  • An idea is born: What’s YOUR story idea? Or, where to find inspiration. (Possible pre-visit activity: students bring and share story idea they’d like to see published)
  • The first draft: plot (beginning, middle, end), characters, conflict
  • Importance of critiques
  • Revising, polishing, perseverance
  • Self-publishing: you do it all, but professional editing is a must
  • Traditional publishing: querying agents or editors, rejection is an opportunity
  • Your book is sold! Celebrate, but the work is just beginning
  • More revision, more story improvement
  • The book is published: You’re an author! ebook and/or paper
  • Marketing: the work continues