Just For Fun: My Dogs

Just for fun, I’m devoting a page to My Dogs. Dogs have always been an important part of my life, and I’ve loved every one of these pugs you see here. Each one is a mutt of some (often unknown) mix. I’m a firm believer in finding my dogs at the animal shelter.

Jef ruled the roost from an early age!

Jef was my first dog—not really “mine” but our family’s. My father got him, a tiny 8-week-old puppy, after we had a prowler. Our new watch dog! You can read Jef’s Story here. Don’t ask me why we spelled his name with one “f,” but there you go!

Neala was protective of me and her pups!

I got Neala when I was in my 20s. She was a wonderful dog and super protective of me. She was also a great mom, seen here with her pups. Neala was very talkative with a voice that sounded like Chewbacca from Star Wars. She was also big and hairy like Chewie.  In fact, once someone saw her galloping across the park and called out, “It’s Chewbacca!”

Kaylee was SO cute as a puppy!

Kaylee and Millie were best buddies.

Kaylee was the perfect dog. She was so good and sweet; her goal in life was to please.  And seeing these pictures of her as a puppy, can you blame me for falling in love with her?

Millie in a chicken costume I made for my god-daughter.

Millie started going gray around 7 years old!

Dear Millie. I think she was my all-time favorite dog. There was something about her—so loyal and so loving. She was sort of an “underdog” type of dog. With her mish-mash of parts—wide stomach, skinny legs, and short tail that ended in a stinger of hair—she was only beautiful in her owners’ eyes. People thought she was older than her years, and often thought she was a “he.” Millie was a good sport, as you see her here in a Halloween costume. Although I’ll admit she doesn’t look too thrilled!

Millie showed Jamie who was boss, and they became friends.

We got Jamie after Kaylee died at the age of 14. Millie and Kaylee were best buddies, and Millie took Kaylee’s passing very hard. At first, Jamie tried to rule the roost, but Millie told her who was boss, and eventually they became buddies, too.

I can’t decide who was cuter–Kaylee or Ginger!

Ginger would often steal the toys from Jamie!

Millie died at the age of 10 after a sudden illness. That was a difficult one for me and Charlie since we had little time to prepare. We decided Jamie needed a buddy, so my Internet search brought us to Ginger. So, so cute with a sweet personality to match! It’s a tossup who was cuter as a puppy—Kaylee or Ginger. I can’t decide, can you?

Angie looked more feline than canine when she was a puppy.

Angie was a big goofy happy dog!

Sadly, we lost Jamie when she was 5, and we brought Angie home as a tiny, scrawny 10-week old puppy who had been found abandoned in a field. After many vet visits, we nurtured her back to health. Tragically, she was hit by a car when she was only one year old. I still miss her. She was one of those happy dogs who think life is just great. Her long bushy tail was always wagging, her big goofy ears always perked, waiting, wondering, ready for whatever was next.

We’re settled in now with Ginger. We aren’t ready to get another dog. In the meantime, Ginger is getting very spoiled. For her part, she entertains us with her funny antics, and loves us and misses us and greets us like crazy even if we’re only gone for a minute.

For me, dogs are simply the best. I’ll always have one in my life, bringing a special kind of fun, caring, warmth and love to my house.