Ghost Whisperer Series

Winner of a Silver Medal from Children’s Literary Classics!

 The Castle Blues Quake, the first book in The Ghost Whisperer Series.

Earthquakes, haunted house rides, crystal ball readings, and time travel await you in
this award-winning book as 12-year-old Pepper Connelly learns about her ghost whisperer powers when she moves to Santa Cruz, CA, and befriends a boy who, unknown to Pepper, is a ghost.


Winner of a Gold Medal from Children’s Literary Classics!

 The Ghosts of Pebble Brook Lodge, book two in The Ghost Whisperer Series

In the rainy forest of the Santa Cruz Mountains, in the small town of Brookdale, in the long-uninhabited Pebble Brook Lodge…exist four ghosts who stand in the way of Pepper’s search for the truth. The truth that will prove her friend Willie’s innocence in the tragic death of his sister, Karen.

With Ouija board sessions, hauntings, and time travel to 1939 and 1966, Pepper discovers there’s more to Karen’s death than she—or anyone in Brookdale—would have ever guessed.