The Castle Blues Quake


A lonely girl, a desperate ghost boy, a saw-playing street musician, a psychic, and an oddball library page: friendships are formed that will change the lives of all—here and in the hereafter.

The Castle Blues Quake is a paranormal mystery for tweens and teens. Book One in the Ghost Whisperer Series.


Silver and Seal

2015 SILVER MEDAL and Seal of Approval from Literary Classics.

From the CLC review: “Linda Covella has written a teen mystery full of unique twists which keep this story moving at a pace that will keep readers engaged clear through to the suspenseful finish. Even the most reluctant readers will find this book intriguing and are sure to anxiously await the next book in this series. The Castle Blues Quake is highly recommended for home and school libraries.”

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PURCHASE: Email me for signed copies, AmazonBarnes&Noble, IndieBound, at Kelly’s Books in Watsonville, CA, and Bookshop Santa Cruz.

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Blues Castle ad

Pen and ink drawing by Linda CovellaSynopsis: 12-year-old Pepper’s new friend, Corey, is a ghost, but she doesn’t know it. After leaving her best friend behind in New York City, she and her family move to Santa Cruz, CA, into a run-down Victorian. Pepper discovers Corey hiding out in the backyard shed. He’s waiting to make contact with his grandfather, Boppie, before he crosses over. He tells Pepper he needs to find Boppie before Social Services sends him to a foster home. Pepper agrees to help.

Others help her on her quest: new classmate Ally Cressman, who dresses in an odd-ball, non-mall style; Sawtooth Sam, the mysterious saw-playing street musician; harmonica player Walker Blue; and Madame Mchumba, who performs her psychic readings at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk amusement park. Time travel, earthquakes, haunted house rides, poltergeist activity, and crystal ball readings propel her toward the shocking end of her search, and an understanding of what it means to be a true friend.

Read about Book Two: The Ghosts of Pebble Brook Lodge

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