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© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationNew Children’s Bookstore to Open in Berkeley

A bookstore opening instead of closing. I love hearing news like that, especially when it’s an indie bookstore, and as a children’s writer, the fact that it’s a children’s bookstore is the cherry on top of the sundae.

Co-owners Devin McDonald and Jenny Stevenson will open Mr. Mopps’ Children’s Books in October and will sell books, toys and games for kids, as well as music from around the world. They’ve also owned Mr. Mopps’ Toy Store since 2010, which is located four doors away from the bookstore. I’ll be sure to check them both out next time I’m in Berkeley. Read the Publishers Weekly article by Wendy Werris here.

Young Writer’s Contest

Bookshop Santa Cruz is holding their annual Young Writer’s Contest where writers ages 6 to 17 can win publication of their entry and other prizes. See the rules, prizes and application form here. Deadline for submissions is October 13.

The “New Adult” Genre

I’m reading a lot lately about—and seeing books published in—the new “New Adult” (NA) genre. There seems to be differing opinions on what it means and if it’s even necessary. Here’s an interesting take on it written by a 20something via the Huffington Post. What do you think about this genre? Have you read any NA books?

Don’t Overuse Exclamation Points! (and other writing tips from Elmore Leonard)

Crime novelist Elmore Leonard recently passed away at the age of 87, and BBC news ran an article about the overuse of exclamation points—something Leonard strongly advised against.

When I first started writing, I was guilty of overusing exclamation points. It was so easy to hit that shift/1 key, and very difficult to wean myself off that particular punctuation mark. But I’ve since learned my lesson and use them sparingly.

In 2001, Leonard wrote an article on his ten rules of writing, which are worth checking out for you writers out there! (Oops.)

Publisher Refuses to Print Gay Author’s Bio

Utah publisher Cedar Fort Publishing was set to publish author Michael Jensen’s novel Woven when they took a closer look at his bio, which said “[Michael Jensen] lives in Salt Lake City with his partner and their four dogs.”

The publisher, concerned about their LDS (Latter Day Saints) audience’s reaction that Jensen is gay, sent him this email: We can’t risk ruining our relationship with them by stating you live with your boyfriend, so we need to cut that part out.

Jensen, wishing to remain true to himself, refused. At a stalemate with the publisher, he pulled out of the publishing contract.

Good for you, Michael, and shame on Cedar Fort Publishing. Thankfully, other publishers have shown interest in his book.

Read the full story here on kutv.com. (Thanks to PW Daily newsletter for posting.)

Are You as Smart as an Eighth Grader?

Check out this test for 8th graders from 1912. How did you do? Me? Um, not so well.

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  1. Great, indeed, to hear that a bookstore’s opening, not closing. We need more, and more, all the time, even if books can be found online. There’s something special about going to a bookstore, or library. Elmore Leonard’s rules … I love reading them. Many, I have memorized — like the one about not starting a book with rain. And good for Jensen!

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