Blogging from A to Z Challenge: F is for Fun Facts


My theme for the Blogging from A to Z challenge is Creativity. Today, let’s have a little Fun with these Facts and quirks about some famous creative people!

Odd Facts about Famous Creative Geniuses

Einstein was apparently infatuated with his cousin, Elsa, who wrote him a letter asking for a photograph and a book on his theory of relativity. Einstein responded that there was no book, but if she visited, he’d explain the theory on a walk “without my wife, who is unfortunately very jealous…Baby, I’m your relativity relative.”

Truman Capote supposedly liked to write while lying down with a drink—coffee, mint tea, sherry or martini—in one hand. “I am a completely horizontal author,” he said in an interview. “I can’t think unless I’m lying down.”

William Faulkner took up the habit of drinking whiskey from Sherwood Anderson, who he met in New Orleans when Faulkner was working for a bootlegger. Impressed with Anderson’s writing schedule of drinking late into the night and writing in seclusion during the day, Faulkner decided “if that was the life it took to be a writer, that was the life for me.”

Leonardo da Vinci took many short naps in a 24-hour period; he slept no more than two hours per day. (This method of sleeping is called polyphasic sleep.)

Thomas Edison also liked “power naps.” He slept sitting in a chair, his elbow on the chair arm, his chin resting on his fist, which was full of marbles. He’d think about his problem until he fell asleep, his arm would drop, and the marbles would clatter to the floor and wake him. He then immediately wrote whatever was in his head.

See the above link for more (and further details on the ones I listed here).

Do you have any odd or funny habits you’d care to share?

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6 Responses to Blogging from A to Z Challenge: F is for Fun Facts

  1. Enjoyed reading this, Linda. No, can’t think of any odd or funny habits, although I like da Vinci’s napping idea. Would need more than two hours, but daily napping … sure sounds good.

  2. Wow! The Edison nap…wow! So interesting. I bet I would wake up cranky from the interruption of the marbles lol And my goodness: “Baby, I’m your relativity relative.” Love it 😀

  3. I wonder how that worked out for Edison.

    ~Patricia Lynne~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, YA Author

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