10 Questions with Author Jane B. Night

Jane B. Night has a busy life working a full-time job and raising twin daughters. And she finds time to write with several published novels as well as some non-fiction titles. Here, Jane steps up and answers my “10 Questions” about her writing.

Linda Covella: Jane, welcome! I’m so glad to have you on my blog. When and why did you decide to become a writer?

Jane Night:I was in second grade. I won the young authors award and was able to go to this all day program for students. I met a children’s book writer and just felt totally inspired. I knew then that I wanted to write.

LC: Wow, that’s quite an accomplishment for a second grader!

What is your writing process: where do you write, how often do you write, are you a full-time or part-time writer, do you outline or do you plot as you go, etc.?

JN: I try to write five days a week but that doesn’t always happen. I am a ghostwriter as well as a novelist so paying clients come before my own work. I consider myself a mapper. Kinda a hybrid between pantser and plotter. I have a very basic outline but lots of room to make choices as I go.

I don’t currently have an office so I write wherever I can. On the living room couch, at my kids activities, and in bed on my laptop.

LC: Where do you find your inspiration for your stories? Do you draw from your own experiences?

JN: I draw a lot from other books as well as from my own experiences. Many of my characters have children or a strong desire to be a mother. I spent years trying to conceive and after undergoing fertility treatments finally have twin daughters.

You will also notice a twin theme in my books. I think three of them explore twin relationships.

Also, I have a lot of characters who aren’t traditionally pretty. I am overweight and have been since childhood. It effected lots of my relationships. I like writing characters who find love despite not being traditionally attractive. I have two amputee characters as well as a burn victim. In one of my future books I have a character with a lazy eye. All find lasting love.

LC: That’s great. We need more books that represent all types of people, not just the ones that society considers “beautiful.”

Who is one of your favorite characters from your story(ies), one that you enjoyed creating and writing about, and why?

JN: This is really hard. I love so many of my characters. All have a little piece of me. I guess my favorite characters are probably from my first two books. I spent years with them as I learned how to write. Birdy, from Singing the Last Song, is sassy and independent. Autumn, from Educating Autumn, is curious and able to change her world views based on new information.

LC: Do you incorporate (or inadvertently find) any of your own personality traits into your characters?

JN: I think so. I have lots of characters who love reading. I am a huge bookworm.

I also have several characters who work in healthcare. That is my day job. I am in healthcare because I love people and all my medical professionals have huge hearts. They didn’t get into healthcare for the glamour or status. They all want to care for the sick.

LC: Very inspiring professions!

Do you find your stories are more plot driven or character driven? Please explain.

JN: Very character driven. I mostly write romance and in that genre character is most important. My most recent book, The Alpha’s Niece, is about a woman healing from a trauma. At the start of the book she has severe anxiety attacks but when the stakes are high she stands and fights.

LC: Did you read much as a child?

JN: All the time. I was a total bookworm.

LC: How important do you think reading is for writers?

JN: I think it is very important. Reading teaches you how to tell stories.

LC: Who are some of your favorite authors and/or books? What draws you to them?

JN: Wow, such a hard question. It changes all the time.

I love James Herriot because he writes about animals and his experiences as a veterinarian.

I love Mary Balogh because she writes lots of beta males and I prefer them to alphas. In fact, most of my heroes are beta males.

I love Virginia Henley and Victoria Thompson because of their incorporation of history into stories.

I love Laura Levine for her humor.

LC: Anything new in the works?

JN: I am currently working on the rest of the Barton series.

Book 1 was the Alpha’s Niece. Book 2 is She-Wolf wanted. It is about a man who becomes the guardian of four children after his brother dies. He is a busy lawyer and doesn’t have time to be Mr. Mom so he places an advertisement in the newspaper for a wife. While he is interviewing and courting the ladies who answered the ad he falls in love with Catherine, the children’s aunt who has been caring for them while he sought out a wife.


LC: Bonus question 🙂 Do you have anything you’d like to add?

JN: Being a writer is amazing. It is truly living the dream. Most days anyways.

LC: Jane, thanks so much for taking the time and sharing your writing life.

Readers, you can connect with Jane at:

Her website: http://www.authorjanebnight.webs.com

Amazon Author’s page: https://www.amazon.com/author/janebnight

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JaneBNight

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7012589.Jane_B_Night


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