Interview with Author Andy Lewter

Andy Lewter

I’m very pleased to welcome author Andy Lewter to my blog. Andy’s new book Gifted was released June 10, 2014 from Astraea Press. Read on to learn more about Andy and her writing!

Andy’s Writing

Linda Covella: How long have you been a writer?

Andy Lewter: My interest peaked as a writer when I was in the 4th grade. We had a period where we could write whatever we liked for 45 minutes a day. It really kick-started my interest in writing.

LC: You certainly got the bug at an early age! Do you write in one particular genre, or explore a variety of stories?

AL: I really enjoy writing fantasy. Making up a new world and with people that are limitless with new laws and abilities really add a great twist!

LC: From where do you get your inspiration for your stories?

AL: As everyone else, I have a life-story with experiences I like to refer my characters to. Not specific situations, but with how they’re feeling when faced with tough situations. I also get my inspiration from people that I’ve crossed paths with, and I have CRAZY vivid dreams nightly. I use bits of everything to mold my stories.

LC: I imagine dreams can provide great inspiration for a fantasy writer! What is your writing process? How much/often do you write?

AL: My goal is to write a little bit each day. Of course with having small children, things come up now and then and I’m not able to write as often as I’d like. But they’re very much worth my attention.

LC: Do you have writing partners who critique your work before submission? Why do or why don’t you think this is important?

AL: My editor and I have grown very close, since even before I submitted my work with Astraea Press. I trust her opinions with my stories and appreciate her input on holes I might have missed, grammar errors, and if something doesn’t exactly seem right and needs more attention. It’s so important to have someone revise your work.

Andy’s Road to Publication


LC: How long have you actively been pursuing publication?

AL: I concluded my novel in June 2012. I immediately found an editor and was working with her to patch things up before I submitted it anywhere. Come December, there was a “pitch party” by Astraea Press and my editor suggested I submit my work there. I was hesitant since the editing process hadn’t been finished, but was very, very humbled that I was able to get on as quickly as I did.

LC: Do you have an agent? If yes, how did you go about finding him/her and what have the benefits been to having an agent?

AL: Not at the moment, no

LC: Do you think an agent would be helpful to your writing career/do you plan to seek an agent?

AL: I have pondered the idea plenty. I could use all the help I can to get the word out, so it’s definitely an option.

LC: Is your new release, Gifted, your first publication? Please tell us a bit about Gifted.

AL: Yes! And I’m so excited about it. “Gifted” is all about building yourself up and having to make decisions that you may feel you’re not ready to make – and also accepting and understanding responsibility. I hope that even though it has a fantasy twist, that my characters’ experiences can also be relatable.

LC: You’ve gone through a traditional publisher for Gifted. How do you feel about self-publishing?

AL: I put my hands down to all those self-published authors out there. What hard work you do!

LC: Are you a full-time writer, or do you have a “day job.” If you have a day job, do you wish to share what you do? And…if you could have any job (besides being a writer), what profession would you choose?

AL: Part-time. I’m a babysitter, an on-call massage therapist and a stay-home mom with two (almost 3!) children. If I could choose any career, it would to be exactly what I’m doing right now. I can’t imagine not being home with my kids and would miss them terribly if I didn’t. They show me what true love entails.

LC: What’s up next for Author Andy Lewter?

AL: I’m working on the second novel of “Gifted.” Lots of exciting changes and challenges ahead for my characters!

LC: Andy, thank you so much for joining us today. I wish the best of luck and success with your writing!

About Andy Lewter:

Andy is a stay-home mom with two beautiful children. Between homework, playing, cooking and cleaning, she writes on the side. Most of her inspiration comes from life experiences that have brought her both pain and happiness – both of which have helped her grow. She also gets inspiration from the wonderful people that have touched her life, accompanied with crazy dreams she has nightly.

She is so excited to have finally touched the edges of her dream as an author. She grew a fond passion for writing when she was young, and this story has given her determination that she can indeed fulfill her childhood dream.

Andy’s contact and personal links:

You can buy Andy’s book here:

View her book trailer here:

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  1. Great interview as always, Linda. I enjoyed reading about the author’s process. So many struggles, but it’s good to see wonderful results.

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