Life Is Good

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It’s been a whirlwind, and I haven’t had a chance to get to my blog.

On July 19, I had a big surprise from my publisher Beau Coup Publishing that my middle-grade ghost story The Castle Blues Quake would be released on July 21st! After a few fixes, the book went live on Amazon on the 23rd.

The book that I thought would be my second release now became my debut!

Then, as scheduled, Astraea Press released my young adult novel Yakimali’s Gift on July 29th, going live on Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, and iTunes.

In one week, my publishing dream came true—2X!

In the middle of it all, my poor mother sort of went crazy. I mean, she wasn’t herself at all, going in and out of angry and confused moods. And I was going crazy trying to figure out what was wrong. It was finally determined that she had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), which can have that effect on older women. (I feel a little funny posting this, but it’s good to know for us women and our mothers.) Anyway, after antibiotics, she’s doing much better.

Then I had a relaxing and fun long-weekend getaway with two high school girlfriends, and this weekend hubby and I celebrate our, um, let’s see, 21st wedding anniversary!

I’m now hard into book promotion, either creating or updating social media sites, arranging blog tours and interviews, sending out for review, etc., etc.

Please visit my website pages (links below) if you’d like to read excerpts, find buy links, and view the trailers. You may have seen the trailer for Yakimali’s Gift, and awesome Tanya Watt created one for The Castle Blues Quake as well.

Yakimali’s Gift

The Castle Blues Quake

So life is good right about now. I hope you all are doing well, too!

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I am an author of fiction and nonfiction for kids and teens.
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14 Responses to Life Is Good

  1. Very exciting, Linda. Congratulations on all successes. I am following your journey with great interest, and will certainly go look up the books once things settle a bit over here. Life is good, indeed. You are a published author, and I am extremely happy for you. This is so well deserved!

  2. Gorgeous book covers! Wishing you great success with your new book releases.

  3. Sammy D. says:

    So glad good things are happening for you … And that Mom was quickly and correctly diagnosed!! You are right – a squeaky topic but those infections in elderly can have serious consequences when they are inadvertently overlooked.

    Is Yakimali’s Gift going to be available in paperback?

  4. Congrats on the books Linda, what fantastic news. Now you’re a twice published author and that’s something to celebrate, big time!
    All the best with the book launches, the covers look gorgeous by the way! Especially Yakimali’s Gift!

  5. Wayne says:

    Two books at once? Then a double congratulations is in order! Good for you Linda, very excited for you!!!

  6. Woohoo. I’ve been on vacation and come back to this exciting news. Congrats, Linda. I will have to check out your new books.

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