COVER REVEAL! The Ghost Whisperer Book 2

Coming soon! The Ghosts of Pebble Brook Lodge, Book Two in The Ghost Whisperer Series published by Beau Coup Publishing.

With only two weeks to prove her friend Willie’s innocence, Ghost Whisperer Pepper Connelly discovers the key lies with four ghosts who have their own haunting agenda.

Read the full synopsis below.

Pebble Brook Lodge front cover

Ghost Whisperer Pepper Connelly, now thirteen, is on the move again, this time from the beaches of Santa Cruz to the rainy forest of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Her chef parents have taken Pepper and her little sister Sage on another restaurant venture to renovate the long-uninhabited Pebble Brook Lodge in the small town of Brookdale.

Uninhabited, that is, except for a series of ghosts each with his or her own haunting agenda, as Pepper slowly discovers.

One of the unique features of the lodge is a creek running through the large dining room. Pepper learns that, in 1966, a thirteen-year-old girl, Karen, drowned in the creek. Her ten-year-old brother, Willie Hullett, was accused of killing her. Willie, now middle-aged, lives with his mother in a cabin in the woods. Mrs. Hullett has never forgiven Willie for killing her beloved daughter.

As Pepper secretly becomes acquainted with Willie and sees his gentle nature and his beautiful life-like carvings, she’s convinced he did not kill his sister.

With the help of her friend Ally Cressman, Pepper sets out to prove Willie’s innocence. With Ouija board sessions, hauntings by four different ghosts, and time travel to 1939 and 1966, Pepper discovers there’s more to Karen’s death than she—or anyone in Brookdale—would have ever guessed.

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I am an author of fiction and nonfiction for kids and teens.
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8 Responses to COVER REVEAL! The Ghost Whisperer Book 2

  1. Nice cover Linda! Sometimes I think I need a ghost whisperer at my home, but then I just tell them to knock it off and they do!

  2. I like the cover, Linda. Good luck with this!

  3. Elicia says:

    O I;ve seen and felt many ghost there at that lodge with different name in Brookdale. I can hardly wait to read your Nancy Drew like book sound cool!

  4. The cover is gorgeous, Linda. I like the faded faces and the whole setting, great design. The synopsis reminds me of you beautiful writing. I am sure this story will be as wonderful if not more so than your previous story with the same characters.

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