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Yakimali's Gift Front Cover

Recently, I wanted to update my cover for Yakimali’s Gift, so I asked a Facebook group I belong to (ASMSG, Author Social Media Support Group) for cover designer suggestions. As expected, this awesome group of writers provided me with lots of choices. (I ended up choosing Tugboat Designs; see my beautiful cover above.)

I’ll continue to update the list as new designer referrals come in.

I wanted to share this list with other authors, so here you go!

First, John Chapman offered this blog about things to look for in a cover.

And now for the list! (Please copy and paste the address into your browser.)

Joseph Murphy

Angela Elliott

Erika Szabo

Veronica Zhu See her work here:




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8 Responses to Book Cover Designers

  1. Beautiful cover, Linda. I love it when authors help authors. Thank you for sharing the group and all the information here. I’m bookmarking every page. Also, nice that your publisher was okay with updating the cover. I love it.

  2. LindaGHill says:

    Beautiful cover and a great list! Thanks so much for sharing – I’ll bookmark this for reference. 😀

  3. Great list. Thanks so much and happy holidays!

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