Fictional Character ~ Theme #AtoZ

A great post for both readers and writers. What’s most important to you: character, plot, or setting?

Silvia Writes

Character is everything

We build character in kids from a young age, because real-life character is everything.

What about fiction?

The way I see it, fiction contains three elements that divide into many other, but three main components:

1.   Character

2.   Plot

3.   Setting

In my book — literal and figurative —  character is number one.

Sure, there are great plot-driven novels with little character development. Their success isn’t due to lack of character growth but excellent plot that is engrossing from the jump. The Maze Runner, a YA dystopian, is an example. Very plot-driven.

But back to my number one: character-driven fiction.

It’s advertised as a literary-fiction element. But, oh, how I disagree. Character-driven writing works superbly for genre fiction. Take Gone Girl, for one. Relationship drives the plot, sure, but the gradual revelation of characters, that’s what makes the story.

My kind of gig —…

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