Good News Blog Fest: A Reward for Kindness #WATWB

It’s time for another We Are the World Blogfest #WATWB, started by Damyanti Biswas. In light of all the tragic, political, warring news we typically hear from around the world, Damyanti Biswas asked bloggers to highlight a news story that “shows love, humanity, and brotherhood.”

A simple, but heartfelt act of kindness brought a reward for this 18-year-old waitress, Evoni Williams. She noticed one of her customers couldn’t use his hands well, so she offered to cut up his meat. Evoni had always dreamed of going to college, but could not afford the tuition, books and other expenses. Well, her act of kindness was noticed by others, and Texas Southern University presented her with a $16,000 scholarship. Read the entire story here.

Please visit these other blogs for more good news, and let me know of any that you may have!

Damyanti Biswas, Belinda WitzenhausenEric LahtiSylvia McGrath, Sylvia Stein, Shilpa Garg

And you’re welcome to join the blogfest and “speak for peace.” Blogs are posted the last day of each month. Visit Damyanti’s website for details.

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I am an author of fiction and nonfiction for kids and teens.
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4 Responses to Good News Blog Fest: A Reward for Kindness #WATWB

  1. That’s such a wonderful, heartwarming story of kindness being rewarded. Thanks for sharing, Linda.

  2. cleemckenzie says:

    Hi Linda,

    So glad you’re in this hop. It’s always inspiring to read the posts, and yours was wonderful. I haven’t joined, but will if it continues and I can carve out some time to do it justice.

    • lindacovella says:

      Thanks for reading and for your comment, Lee. I think Damyanti is continuing the #WATWB indefinitely where we post the last Friday of each month. I missed April’s though! But it’s a great idea and nice to read *good news* for a change!

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