#WATWB: A Camp Fire Shelter: Nurses+Bikers+Church-goers

When tragedy strikes, it’s amazing to see volunteers selflessly step up to help those in need.

After the horrific Camp Fire in northern California, thousands of people were left homeless. Shelters were established to give these fire victims places to sleep, food to eat.

But government and private response teams were quickly overwhelmed, so at one shelter, Birgitte Randall, a nurse who had fled the fire, and other volunteers came together to create a shelter and clinic.

From the USA Today article: “‘I got to be a nurse at the beginning,’ Randall said. ‘But then, somehow, I got put in charge of everything. I don’t know how that happened.’

The short answer is she was there first. Randall said there was no medical presence before she arrived with her sister and mother, both also nurses.

One week later, that model of leadership had trickled down throughout the church. Without outside direction, housecleaners came to clean, a motorcycle club came to provide security and a group of strangers came to realize the community’s strength lay less in its institutions and more in its people.”

You can read the full article here.

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